September 23, 2023

Zaporozhye municipal workers dump mountains of snow along with garbage into the river. Thus, I solved two problems at once: there is no snow, and there is no garbage

On the morning of January 7, eyewitnesses recorded a video and posted it on the YouTube channel, showing how municipal workers in Zaporozhye are disposing of snow. The director wished to remain anonymous.

A full trailer of snow flew straight into Sukhaya Moskovka (it is also called “Red River”). “Crime” would not be so terrible if there was not even a lot of garbage in the middle of the piles of snow. Apparently, the communal workers did not see anything shameful in their actions, since they acted so openly.

The author of the video salutes the acting mayor Vladimir Buryak: “We salute our mayor Buryak. For the fact that a normal boy throws garbage straight into the river. This is the so-called “Red River” in the people and flows into the Dnieper”.

We will remind you that bad weather hit Zaporozhye yesterday – strong wind and snowfall. Residents of the city are very dissatisfied with the work of communal services. You can’t find snow removal equipment with a fire during the day, as always, winter came unexpectedly. But everyone was warned not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

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