September 24, 2023

McDonalds refused Ukrainian buns in favor of Russian ones


In 2017, the international chain of McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Belarus stopped purchasing buns for burgers from the Ukrainian bakery “East Bolt Ukraine”, writes “New Region”.

“Now Belarus buys only promotional products from us, and they buy regular buns and big macs from the Russian bakery company East Bolt Rus.” That is, for the global company East Balt Bakeries, the client remained, but left Ukraine for Russia,” said General Director of East Balt Ukraine, Anna Ezhova.

According to her, in 2016, the share of bun exports for the McDonald’s global chain was about 40%, and in 2017, this figure decreased to 30% due to the suspension of supplies to Belarus.

“McDonald’s takes about 80% of the volume of our entire production, including Ukraine and export,” explained A. Ezhova.

At the same time, she added that the bakery currently exports hamburger buns for McDonald’s restaurants to Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and a small part to Belarus.

According to McDonald’s website data, its Belarusian network includes 10 restaurants in Minsk, one in Vitebsk. There are four restaurants in Moldova, 11 in Azerbaijan, and 12 in Georgia.

In Ukraine, the official supplier of bakery products for McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd. “East Balt Ukraine” is a company that is part of the world-famous East Balt Bakeries group, founded in 1955 (recently became part of Grupo Bimbo). According to Anna Ezhova, the director of the East Bolt Ukraine bakery, the company adjusts its production lines to meet the demands of the McDonald’s network.

Let us remind you that recently the East Bolt Ukraine company, which produces buns for the McDonald’s chain of restaurants, modernized its production line in Dnipro. “We started preparing for the launch of a new product two years ago. It was necessary not only to find the right recipe, but also to adapt it to our ingredients. About $40,000 was invested in the brioche bun,” said Anna Ezhova, director of the East Bolt Ukraine bakery.

A large percentage of this amount went to the purchase of special equipment for the production of new buns (systems for applying glaze and new forms for baking). Investing was also allocated to the search for ingredients, recipes, and technology.

It is expected that the investments should pay off in 2-3 years.

“McDonald’s” cooperates with both Ukrainian and international food suppliers. About 70% of goods are provided by Ukrainian suppliers.

Also, the McDonald’s chain actively invests in its own development. According to data, in 2017, the company invested UAH 136 million in network development in the country. By the end of 2018, McDonald’s will open 4 more restaurants in Ukraine. In 2018, the company also intends to double the number of self-service terminals in restaurants.

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