September 23, 2023

Previously, we reported that a resident of Melitopol encountered a violation of traffic rules by the driver of one of the city minibuses and, when trying to submit a statement to the city police department, did not receive due help.

Journalists from contacted the Zaporozhye district police department. The dispatcher registered a complaint. The duty officer reported that the application had been filed and transferred to the Melitopol police dispatch service.

20 minutes later, a representative of the Melitopol city police department, Sergei Mikhailovich Chizhikov, contacted the journalists. He said that yesterday, August 28, at 21:20, the 102 hotline received a call from an indignant citizen with information about the unlawful actions of the driver of route 24. Her application was accepted, registered under number 16856 and sent to the traffic police service.

Today, the citizen applied again, providing law enforcement officers with specific information about the driver, the license plate number of the bus, and told the details of the incident.

“Today’s statement will also be registered and transferred to the road patrol police unit,” Sergei Mikhailovich clarified.

At the moment, investigative and operational work is underway, the traffic police is clarifying the circumstances of yesterday’s race of the reckless driver

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