What Is Ecommerce Marketing And How It Works?

As Ecommerce Marketing Development scales new heights, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stay afloat in the market. Courtesy of its incredible growth in the Web Development sector, new services, apps, and tools have allowed companies to build online stores under affordable costs.

One of the best ways to advertise a website with a substantial return of investment (ROI) is content marketing. According to a survey by Smart Insights, 30 percent of the 600 polled believed that content is the top digital marketing tool. Inbound marketing oriented enterprises experience 61 percent lower cost per lead compared to outbound marketing oriented companies.

The following statistics act as a proof why content marketing works efficiently:

• 78 percent of chief marketing officers (CMOs) opine content is the future of marketing industry

• 90 percent of B2B companies and 80 percent of B2C firms use content marketing

Custom content is proven to be valuable and promising. Companies are spending an enormous 15 percent of their marketing expenditure on content creation. Here are certain tips to incorporate content into a business strategy and discover why content marketing is the highest return area of a business.

Invest in Visual Content

• This is a visual world and pertaining to digital marketing, it is appropriate.

• Digital technology is growing at a rapid pace and has enabled marketers to sell their sites via the use engaging videos, images, and infographics.

• Around 94 percent of content with visuals get more views than textual content. Therefore, incorporating visual elements in every single tweet, post and article help businesses reach out audiences much faster.

Technical Requirements

• Post static Web pages with rich content (images, videos, graphics, and text)

• Post blogs, articles, or news items with relevant content

• Web development has allowed site owners to tweak any element of content marketing strategy

Focus on Social Media

• Use social media platforms (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook) to target and engage audiences

• Platforms like Snapchat, SlideShare, and Vine are becoming increasingly popular and valuable

• Use social profiles to promote customer engagement and efficiently circulate content that resonate with the target market

SEO Always

• According to industry experts, Google churns out 10 times more organic traffic than any search engine with 6 billion searches every day (1.5 to 2.5 visits on average)

• A huge traffic source for websites, dropping SEO from digital marketing efforts is unwise on a company’s part

Behave Content Centric

• Always produce and distribute quality content

• Recognize the marketing shifts that are taking place and adapt content accordingly

The current state of e-commerce content marketing will not stay still for long, as e-commerce development continues to evolve, businesses must be ready to grow with it.

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